Sonora Area Foundation BuildingOver $2 Million Donated in 2018

Sonora Area Foundation Executive Director Darrell Slocum has reviewed 2018 and reports it was a record-setting year for grants. The foundation issued a total of 652 grant checks with the total 2018 amount awarded exceeding $2 million.

Slocum says the amount “surpassed the previous annual total handily.” An overview by Slocum is posted on his blog “Millions Given In 2018 Grants” here.

A article provided the community with some highlights: In May the Amador Tuolumne Community Action Agency (ATCAA) was given $50,000 by the Foundation for its Food Bank Program. The money was to help keep it open and running while ATCAA sought alternative funding. In July, $8,000 was granted to Give Someone a Chance’s shower bus, and 236 scholarships totaling $571,350 were awarded, which is an increase of more than 52 percent from 2017. At the end of November the foundation donated another $20,000 to ATCAA’s nonprofit Jamestown Food Bank. The donation was spurred by a $10,000 matching gift from Charles and Kate Segerstrom in memory of Marlee Powell. Sonora Area Foundation also made a $24,000 donation to Interfaith through our Cash Drive for Interfaith with donor support.

January 2019