Advisors Connect

Give your clients a better way to give back. When you work with Sonora Area Foundation, you gain full access to the philanthropic expertise your clients are seeking. You will always retain complete control of your client relationships, while we work with you to help fulfill their financial and charitable goals.

Here are some of the ways that the Sonora Area Foundation can support you:

We work as a resource. You stay in control of your client relationships. We’re here to help you provide a full range of services to your clients, especially given the tremendous transfer of wealth that has already started to occur and will continue over the next few decades.

We help you build stronger relationships. Studies show that high net worth individuals expect to talk with their advisors about giving as they make financial plans. They will appreciate the charitable impact and tax advantages you help them achieve by working with the Foundation.

We are experts on charitable giving. Whether it’s providing an alternative to a private foundation or making suggestions for a complicated estate plan, we help you tailor giving plans to meet your clients’ particular needs.

We make it easy to bring up the subject of philanthropy. When you suggest charitable giving through the Foundation, you can recommend giving without suggesting specific charitable causes or groups.

We are experts about our community. We can help your clients be as effective as possible in their giving. And, because we are part of a national network of community foundations, we can help your clients give effectively wherever they want to make a difference.

We help you connect across generations. When you help families establish a fund with us, you and they can stay involved for generations.

We can handle a variety of assets, including appreciated securities, closely held and restricted stock, real estate, and cash. We can facilitate complicated transactions involving the transfer of charitable assets.

We help you make a difference in your clients’ lives. By working with us, you may help your clients enhance their current income, increase their heirs’ inheritance, leave a legacy in the community, and teach their children about philanthropy.

We are an attractive alternative to a private foundation. Starting a fund at a community foundation is significantly less expensive and easier than starting a private foundation. And the Foundation takes care of all administrative details.

The Foundation offers the following resources to professional advisors, all without charge

  • Consults with you and/or your clients to discuss ways the Foundation can help meet their financial and charitable goals.
  • Helps you identify when it’s appropriate to suggest charitable giving with your clients.
  • Advises about strategies to address the income tax implications of IRAs and other retirement plan assets.
  • Provides printed materials and a comprehensive website containing information on a variety of giving strategies.
  • Provides articles to professional advisors with timely information on giving strategies, tax updates, and other issues of importance to you and your clients.
  • Sponsors seminars for professional advisors on topics related to charitable giving. Most of these offer continuing education credit.